The Individual And Social Values We Share

At the Global Citizenship Education Network, we teach that global citizenship is based on both individual and social values.  Individual values include, but are by no means limited to, integrity, excellence, and accountability. Social values include peace, development, and sustainability. Individual values are leveraged through the dedication and sacrifice of volunteers to help communities and develop, evolve, and protect values. Through this interaction of individual and social values, societies improve and integrate.

Individual Values

Integrity, including honesty, consistency, fairness, and respect for others, is the foundation of positive interpersonal relationships at home, work, and abroad.

 More details Ahimsa - non-violence in action, words and thoughts - is considered the highest ethical value and virtue in Hinduism.[8] Above: non-violence sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward in Malmo, Sweden.

Ahimsa sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward in Malmo, Sweden.
Excellence, including innovation, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, volunteerism, and the distinction and merit that follows, allows us to contribute our best to individual and community endeavors.

Accountability means transparency in the service of taking responsibility, both positive and negative, for our contributions.

Social Values

Peace in communities, states, and international relations is critical to all other values listed here. Peace, including its essential complement justice, helps individual values flourish, and provides the foundation for development and the latitude for resourcing sustainability.

Development provides for the needs of people, including sustenance, shelter, and health. Without fulfilling these basic needs, all other values break down. When these basic needs are met, citizens are freed to innovate and produce at higher levels.

Sustainability ensures that our activities today do not impinge on the freedoms of later generations. Sustainable development leads to distributional justice between generations.