Listening Is Understanding. Understanding Is Learning. Learning Is Everything.

Professor Nguyen Duc Hoa, President of Dalat University , at a conference September 23, 2016 at Harvard University Faculty Club, was organized by BGF and UNESCO Chair in GlobalLearning and Global Citizenship Education

Listening is what we do when we quiet our own minds so that we can understand the mind of another person. This is the only way to understand that which is not ourselves, and thereby provoke new thought. When we listen, we seek to understand the world. Understanding, when broadly and equally achieved, transforms the world, including through improved development, peace, and sustainability. The Global Citizenship Education Network provides learners with the opportunity to attend in-person and virtual lectures. At these, learners ┬álisten to the world’s most intriguing and thought-provoking minds, which in turn develops the learners’ own thought processes and collective growth.